Culinary tour of discovery on the trail of the Hanseatic League


5 day, individual bicycle tour


Embark on a culinary and historical journey by bicycle through the Hanseatic towns on the Rhine. Numerous imposing buildings still bear witness to the wealth acquired by the towns of the Hanseatic period. The most important transport route for the Hanseatic League, Father Rhein, is a constant companion on your journey. So you go from Hanseatic town to Hanseatic town, experiencing nature, culture and beautiful landscapes up close and personal. In addition to this, you can allow yourself to be spoiled at selected 4* hotels. Only one change of location and numerous highlights that can be experienced along the way make your bicycle trip a real pleasure.


Because of its excellent location between the Rhein and the Lippe, Wesel to Köln became the most important stage and trading centre of the Hanseatic period. On the day you arrive, explore Wesel with its enchanting buildings, such as the Town Hall with its historic façade or the Willibrordi Cathedral, and don’t forget to visit the famous donkey of Wesel in front of the Berliner Tor. LVR-Niederrheinmuseum Wesel offers a comprehensive history museum dedicated to the Niederrhein and conveys the many ties with the Netherlands in a comprehensible manner. Experience the blossoming and decline of the Hanseatic period and find out what happened behind the walls of the Prussian fortress Wesel.


The small village of Grieth am Rhein with its charming houses is protected by a dyke wall against the mighty force of the flood waters. Cycle through the “outlet” to the banks of the Rhein and imagine how towpath horses pulled heavy sailing ships up the Rhine on ropes.


On the cobbled marketplace in Kalkar with its Gothic Town Hall and the stepped gable houses all around, you can still image the medieval hustle and bustle of the market, traders loudly hawking their wares – corn, cloth, fish and beer. The Church of St. Nicolai with its splendid interior bears witness to the wealth of the medieval trading town.


The Rhein bridge in Emmerich am Rhein can be seen from quite a distance away and it’s no wonder, because it is the longest suspension bridge in Germany. Merchants and mariners expanded their trade from here during the Hanseatic period, as evidenced by the container harbour that still exists today at the end of the Rhein Promenade with its red parasols. Take some time to learn about the development of shipping on the Rhein at the Rheinmuseum. 140 models, from log boats to tugs, are to be marvelled at.



WFG für den Kreis Viersen mbH / 2-LAND Reisen
Willy-Brandt-Ring 13
41747 Viersen
+49 (0) 21 62 - 81 79-333


Tour route
Stage| Kalkar
Stage | Kalkar - Emmerich am Rhein - Kalkar (ca. 64 km)
Stage | Kalkar - Wesel (ca. 37 km)
Stage | Wesel - Rheinberg - Wesel (ca. 57 km)
Stage | Wesel - Kalkar (ca. 33 km)
4 x overnight stays at a 4* hotel
4 x breakfast buffet
1 x 3 course meal
1 x admission LVR-Niederrheinmuseum
1 x coffee and cake
Luggage transport from hotel to hotel
Admission Rheinmuseum Emmerich
Infopack incl. maps
Free parking at the hotel

3-4* hotels

Travel dates
2019 daily except Fridays

Start of the trip
Saturday – Thursday

Double room per person            from € 406,-
Single room per person             from € 577,-

Additional night Kalkar (optional):
Double room per person            from €   54,–
Single room per person             from €   77,–

Additional night Wesel (optional):
Double room per person            from ab €   70,–
Single room per person             from € 106,–

Group discount from 6 Personen:                 € 20,- per person at the arranged price
No group discount for additional nights

Rental bicycles
NiederrheinRad for 5 days: € 40,-
(Pedelecs upon request)

Any applicable spa or bed taxes are not included in the price and must be paid on site. Additional overnight stays possible upon request. All prices apply subject to availability at the time of booking.

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WFG für den Kreis Viersen mbH / 2-LAND Reisen
Willy-Brandt-Ring 13
41747 Viersen
+49 (0) 21 62 - 81 79-333

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